Marketing platform launched – FBA aggregators like dwarfs buy traffic

The internationally renowned PubTech company Ever-Growing GmbH, partner of TreasureHunter, announces the successful launch of the marketing platform
With the help of this platform, we can further expand our direct client business with medium-sized as well as large advertisers and use marketing synergies across our publisher portfolio,” says CEO Michael Fink.

As part of a self-service concept, gives advertisers the opportunity to upload their own products and make them available to registered publishers for content-driven marketing on a CPC basis.
The amount of the CPC is defined by the advertiser himself. The average CPC is currently around 0.24€, and is therefore significantly lower than the click prices for these highly competitive keywords, as is the case on Amazon or in the SEA area on Google.

Focus on further technical development

In addition, the platform already offers all sorts of technical conveniences around an automated billing process, real-time monitoring and some static analysis options including export function of the performance data.
This is by no means the end of the line!“, knows TreasureHunter co-founder Benjamin Schardt. The company is currently in the process of further optimizing the UX and process automation in the backend.
They are also working feverishly on the automatic detection of advertising links integrated on the publisher side, which are shown to publishers registered on the backend side, including lucrative alternatives.

Publishers benefit from exclusive marketing deals with FBA aggregators

In addition to well-known players on the advertiser side, above all dwarfs, one of the largest Amazon sellers in Europe, more and more publishers are now using to monetize their traffic in an equally targeted and lucrative manner.
It is not uncommon for revenues to double directly after integrating ReviewSales’ tracking links, as experience has also shown in the context of our own portfolio at TreasureHunter.
This is especially true when marketplace tracking links from Amazon, Otto or eBay can be substituted by links.
A nice side effect: While you regularly have to wait 2-3 months for your money in the big CPA-driven affiliate networks, publishers receive the advertising compensation transferred by the 15th of the following month.

We are already looking forward to the further steps we can take together with, our advertisers and our content sites.

Interested publishers and advertisers can find more information here: