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How we grow brands

All witchcraft? Not at all! We’re lifting the curtain so you can take a peek behind the scenes at TreasureHunter for yourself. We’re excited to take you on a journey together, exploring new growth segments and creating the next generation of your website together!

By combining our 5 pillars, we aim to grow your brand by a factor of 5-10 over the next 3 years.

On-Page/UX Optimizaton and Tech-SEO

We always start with the foundation of your website, the technical-functional basis. Our 8-person tech team can draw on international experience with leading media companies. By using our own APIs, our AI technology, and individual WordPress plugins, we set up your site technically as we know it from market leaders.

Content Expansion

While we will retain your editorial team and preserve the DNA of your website, we will not shy away from significant investments for accelerated growth. For example, we regularly create between 50 and 100 new articles per website – per month, develop adjacent topic areas and use state-of-the-art technology to identify content gaps. In doing so, we can draw on 480 million historical data records via our data science platform to make the best possible investment decisions.

Direct advertising partnerships

Finding, technically integrating, supporting and retaining advertising partners outside the usual affiliate networks with increasingly uninteresting advertising conditions is difficult and time-consuming. We know this because we have negotiated individual advertising conditions with more than 500 companies in the last 5 years. On our own AdTech platform reviewsales.io we make this technology available to our customers. Through better deals, we can usually multiply your revenues, while your website visitors are less disturbed by inappropriate display ads.

Together we are strong

At the very beginning, after we had started our own young web portal, we asked a well-known technology company about a test product for presentation on our blog. The result: radio silence. Since our partnerships with leading media companies, we can hardly save ourselves from inquiries. Currently, our team has more than 1,200 test products in hand every year. These synergies will become even stronger when we acquire and merge other websites in your niche in addition to your blog. The time of the lone fighter is over. Let’s become the market leader in your segment together.