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Unleashing potential and taking websites to a new level with our network and synergies is the reason we get up every morning. Here you can find an exemplary case study to learn how unique web portals could grow sustainably in a short time thanks to our support:

This is how we developed Reisefroh.de to one of the top-10 travel blogs in Germany

80% more revenue just after 3 months

60% more profit just after 4 months

300% more investment into content production

When we bought reisefroh.de, the blog was already one of the strong emerging travel portals in the D/A/CH market. We built on this position by rebuilding the technical foundation of the site for growth, identifying and fixing bugs and on-page issues, investing heavily in editorial content for the brand, identifying and closing content gaps through our AI-based Science Data Platform, and increasing the value of each visitor by >20% with the help of our AdTech network.

The next steps planned are an expansion of media cooperation and internationalization, for which we have also already laid the technical foundations. In addition, there will be synergies with other websites in the DE Travel segment. Through the interplay of these measures, we have not only already far exceeded our envisaged goals, but are convinced that Reisefroh.de will soon be part of a market-leading portfolio in the German travel sector.

Disclaimer: Our case studies are for general informational purposes; they are not guarantees of future performance and should not be relied upon inappropriately. Each study is based on a particular set of facts and conditions at a particular point in time and may involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. The performance, financial results, and projections for the site or vendors in these case studies may not be comparable to others.