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Sale or Partnership

Your goals, your wishes, your vision: This is the focus for us. Our team will accompany you from day one to explore possible sales structures. We never think in black and white. Whether it’s a sale or a partnership, when we decide to work with you and your website, it’s always because we believe that together we can become the market leader in your segment.

Classic Sales

More time for your family, buy a house, realize your dream of a trip around the world, finally have more time for hobbies or use the capital from the sale directly for a new investment or the next idea. The sale of your successful content website allows you to do all this and more, receiving a multiple of your monthly profit. 

Usually the sale is made up of two components (“the cash”), which is paid directly, and a downstream component (“earn out”), which depends to a small extent on the future development of your website. However, depending on your preference, we are also open to an immediate payment of the entire purchase price (“all cash deal”).

Your participation in these sales structures often extends to ensuring the orderly transfer of website, partners, accounts, etc., which usually takes 1-2 weeks and takes about 10-20 hours. In addition, depending on your ideas and in alignment with the common goals, you have the opportunity to work in an operational or advisory role for your project.


Do you have big visions for your website and find it hard to let go? Together we can make it happen! A partnership means that above all we will work on growth and you can still profit directly from the development of your website in the future. For this purpose we use our internationally proven capabilities which are trusted by the biggest media houses. We’ll open new opportunities for your website with our unique technology, professional team, advertising partners, and media cooperations. 

Initially, we may buy a part of your website or your company to become your strategic partner. In this case, you still remain involved. In 2-4 years you have the option to sell your remaining shares to us. In most cases, joint growth necessitates a significantly higher price. This way you profit twice: From the first sale as well as from the final sale in the following year(s). 

While our team invests heavily in the shared asset (i.e. growth and internationalization), the focus of your activity will continue to be on the usual operation of your website. But instead, you’ll be able to tap into our extensive team of salespeople, SEO professionals, web developers, and more.