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We celebrate content websites, their brands and the people behind them by working together to make their dream of selling a reality. For most sellers, this means a transparent process, fair purchase price and fast execution – all made possible by our high-caliber team around Tiam Jafari, Ex HeyCar Head of M&A. For us, it means bringing the founder’s vision across the finish line – our international team, technology and partnerships guarantee that your brand gets the success it deserves.

These are some voices of founders and website operators who have sold to TreasureHunter:

„I was very impressed with the professional demeanor of the team and their international experience, and I trust our shared vision to take my site to a new level. The deal was not easy, but TreasureHunter made the process fair and transparent.

– Seller of a top-10 blog in the gardening market in Germany

“With TreasureHunter, I had a good gut feeling that I could hand them my blog that I’ve put 5 years of my life into, that they would take very good care of the blog and my existing editorial team and continue to accelerate growth.

– Seller of a top-20 blog in the tech market in Germany

“Until I got into conversation with TreasureHunter I couldn’t imagine selling my website. I am careful who I give my company data to and would never give anyone access to my Google Analytics account. Tiam Jafari’s team walked me through the process step by step, answered all open questions quickly and understandably. That was 3 months ago. After the sale, I finally have time for myself again and am just starting the next, digital business!

– Seller of a top-3 product review portal in an outdoor niche

“In the end, it was not a close call, TreasureHunter’s offer was clearly the best. They know how to run a website and what matters. In 2 months my portal went from purely D/A/CH to D/A/CH + US + FR + ES, and traffic doubled. TreasureHunter has regional teams for content, an SEO team, an IT team, a social media team, and a lot of manpower put into it. I would never have been able to do that in my time as a lone wolf.”

– Seller of an international product review portal

“The TreasureHunter team was able to tell me after 2 days that my blog was a good fit. Then the offer came, I agreed, and the sale was done in under 30 days.

– Seller of a US DIY Blog