Provide your content the stage it deserves – and achieve financial freedom.

TreasureHunter acquires and optimizes content websites while still preserving the site’s DNA that your audience knows and loves.

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Why Selling

6 good reasons to sell your content portal to us


Market-leading purchase prices

We understand what we are buying and can realize strong synergies through our existing portals and therefore regularly pay market leading prices


Financial freedom

Start a new phase of your life, enjoy your freedom, spend time with your family or plunge into new adventures


No. 1 in the buying process

Our purchase process is above average fair, fast and straightforward – once we make an offer, we complete the purchase 96% of the time


Sale or partnership

Alternatively, we also offer you the opportunity to grow with us and participate in our future successes


Protect DNA

We preserve the DNA, values & team of your asset for the long term – and make sure more people hear about your message


On the fast track

With >125 employees and media partners with >300m traffic per month on 4 continents, we can take your website to the next level

Our Purchase Process —
Fast & Uncomplicated

contains 4 easy steps

Step 1

First, we would like to get to know you, your business and your website better. What drives you and where do you want to go? At the same time, we would like to introduce ourselves and share who we are, how we work and how our process goes.

Step 2

If the conversation went well and you want to continue the process, you will provide the income, expenses and traffic metrics of your asset. We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance, which protects you and your business.

Step 3

Now it gets exciting: Within 48 hours we will inform you whether a sale or a partnership would be possible. If so, you will receive an offer (LOI) directly.

Step 4

Almost done: Afterwards we check your data, go through content topics, and look at your website in detail.

Step 5

Last but not least, you will receive our purchase contract. After signing, we will pay the purchase price into an escrow account, you will send us the accesses, files and data of your portal, and the escrow service will release the payment to you within a few hours.

Step 6

After you have celebrated your website sale, the journey for your website continues. New technology, new themes, internationalization and much more await you! You are as involved as you like to be.

As a backpacker we travelled around the world for 4 years. After the birth of our son, our focus has shifted more and more towards family, in addition, we wanted (and have now!) started a new venture in the field of meditation. Selling our travel blog made all of this possible! At the same time, with the TreasureHunter team we found someone who is financially very well positioned and professional, understands our topic and knows how to take it to the next level. We are very excited to see where TreasureHunter will take our brand.

Anne & Sebastian, founders of, sold to TreasureHunter in 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

I strongly believe that content sites backed by engaged audiences will play a decisive role for all kinds of e-commerce players out there. Grouping them together to large portfolios and using the synergetic potential will be crucial for the growth of these niche publishers. TreasureHunter has the perfect tech and strategic international partnerships in place to develop acquired content sites with heart and soul to publishing brands. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the team.

Olaf Schmitz, former Lead Affiliate Marketing at Amazon Europe