๐Ÿ“ƒ Surviving the AI Disruption: Navigating the Content Website Landscape

Surviving the AI Disruption: Navigating the Content Website Landscape

With GPT “disrupting” the content space and SEO being declared “dead” (yet again), it’s important to consider which content business cases are still relevant.

Here are my thoughts on 6 cases:

1) Communities
An online forum that has grown over the years and is not solely focused on facts and figures but on personal experiences and interaction is difficult to disrupt by AI.

2) Personal blogs
Personal blogs, like a travel itinerary of a trip to Bali, based on personal experiences and a combination of real-world personal content, images, and video, are also difficult to disrupt by AI.

3) Digital Publishers
Renowned media brands with high authority and established credibility, tons of generic content, and expert opinions and news are difficult to disrupt by AI. Even if they are disrupted, they can always switch to syndication agreements.

4) How-to Websites
How-to websites, like a DIY site, mostly offer instructions and fairly simple, “ever-green” content. If the site isn’t an industry-known brand, it can easily be emulated by an AI tool like GPT.

5) Wikipedia-like Websites
Fact-based, information-heavy sites that rely on third-party information to back up their data can be disrupted by AI unless the brand offers some kind of protection.

6) All Kinds of Scraped/Compiled Content
Sites that offer scraped or compiled content, like a price comparison site, without a personal touch and aggregated by scraping or third parties, can be disrupted as soon as AI has the ability to perform efficient real-time data.

๐Ÿ’ก My takeaways from this:

a) Focus on communities and personal experiences.
b) Avoid generic information and instead compile custom data or expert comments.
c) Build out a brand and become an authority in your space.
d) Go omnichannel to reach your audience across multiple platforms.

๐Ÿค” Somehow, this does sound familiar, even in a pre-GPT era…