Unlocking Excellence in Large M&A Deals

Unlocking Excellence in Large M&A Deals

ย  Discover the secrets to achieving post-close excellence in large mergers and acquisitions according to McKinsey’s research:

1) Maintaining Business Momentum

  • Protect the base business by keeping two companies operating separately
  • Focus on integration, but avoid jeopardizing ongoing operations

2) Accelerating Integration

  • Hold line leaders accountable for synergies and hardwire targets into their plans
  • Implement value-based governance with a strong integration team for the life of the deal

3) Institutionalizing New Ways of Working

  • Introduce initiatives for building new business processes and ensuring nonnegotiable behaviors
  • Address cultural differences and provide resources for a smooth transition

4) Catalyzing Transformation

  • Leverage the deal to build new capabilities and drive value creation
  • Assess resources and refuel for the transformation wave, ensuring sustained focus